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The Kyle Lewis Amoeba Awareness Foundation
 is a 
501c3, Texas Non-Profit Corporation
Tax ID: 27-3676651

All support and donations are appreciated!
Kyle Cares
PO Box 2128
Mansfield, TX 76063
Kyle Cares is not currently accepting donations. 

Donations made to the Kyle Lewis Amoeba Awareness Foundation all went to benefit our mission to spread the awareness of Naegleria Fowleri and contribute to research!

Through education and awareness, 
our hope is to save lives and heartache for other families.


Kyle Cares continues to push for a Point Of Care 
RAPID DIAGNOSTIC TEST and will continue to share the #AMOEBAAWARENESS . 
Kyle Cares has been able to get miltefosine in numerous hospitals in the US, but TIMING IS CRITICAL and if hospitals are prepared to test for amoeba and get a rapid result, we believe it will give those patients a fighting chance. 
Kyle Lewis Amoeba Awareness Foundation
Naegleria Fowleri
~a freshwater amoeba
99% Fatal ~ 100% Preventable
Since the foundation began in 2010, Kyle Cares has formed a great relationship with the CDC's Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch. They have provided Kyle Cares with an enormous amount of information and support and we have worked together in the mission of saving others from this amoeba. 

~Kyle Lewis Amoeba Awareness Foundation  has donated $60,000 to this department at the CDC so they can continue their work in finding a cure for PAM, developing rapid diagnostics and our donations aid their efforts in getting awareness, medication and information out to the doctors across the U.S. In 2018, our $30,000 donation went specifically to aid in adding a new lab tech to their department to work specifically on a project for a new point of care test (rapid diagnostic testing) for naegleria folweri. In 2020, Kyle Cares purchased a freeze-dryer for approximately $13000 to aid in the rapid point of care testing process. 

Over the past few years, Kyle Cares has aided in getting the drug miltefosine into hospitals around the country so it would be more easily accessible if ever needed to treat a patient with possible PAM. Timing is critical so this was a huge accomplishment for our foundation. To see the hospitals with miltefosine on hand, or to start the Consignment process, see 

In 2012, Kyle Cares teamed up the Houston Baptist University where students and professors took immediate interest in our work and our mission. They invited us to come speak at the university and by late summer they began testing water samples from 3 Texas lakes for naegleri fowerli. 
~The Kyle Lewis Amoeba Awareness Foundation donated $1000 to the HBU student and $1000 to the lab for continued research of naegleria fowleri.

We made a great connection with a team of researchers in California who have published a research report where they have tested and found a drug that successfully treats and kills the naegleria fowleri, in vitro. The FDA has approved this medication as Orphan Drug status and the researchers are continuing their research and efforts so one day this medication is approved to treat naegleria fowleri on a patient, but without the toxic effects of the current Amphotericin B.
~The Kyle Lewis Amoeba Awareness Foundation has teamed up with this department and others and has contributed $5000 to further research with this new treatment. The drug is currently in research at the NIH.

 We want to thank everyone that has ever supported our mission in any way. We couldn't have done it without you.